First of all, the word is scribbleomania not scribblemania, despite what Google might lead you to believe. You can look at a long list of -mania words at the Phrontistery and will see that this word, along with nearly every other -mania word, follows this pattern. If you're still not convinced, the Oxford English Dictionary contains a header entry for scribbleomania, not scribblemania. There was also a book by William Henry Ireland published in 1815 titled Scribbleomania: or the Printer's Devil's Polichronicon: a Sublime Poem.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines scribbleomania as "The craze or mania for scribbling."

Welcome to my personal home page. I'm Nick Scribner, a 28-year-old English major at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I hope you like it here.

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